Italian, Slovenian, UK and Croatian students ‘painted the world’ with celebrating diversity

In 2010, the Forum for Freedom of Education started celebrating the International Day of Tolerance (16th November) by implementing the project Paint the World with Diversity. The project developed further into a creative contest in which students from schools all over Croatia and neighbouring countries creatively expressed their voice on topics like diversity, creativity, nonviolence, […]

Starting the change with policy recommendations!

The ‘Start the Change – Embracing differences through intercultural education and volunteering’ is a European project carried out in 2017 and 2018 by the Forum for Freedom in Education from Croatia, together with partners: Think Global from United Kingdom, the Youth Centre of Dravinja Valley from Slovenia and the Centre for Creative Development “Danilo Dolci” […]


We often hear that our world and our societies are becoming increasingly divided, that economic and social inequality is on the rise and that technological advancements, along with their many positive aspects, also have many drawbacks. As a result of that, we are faced with some new challenges that we sometimes fail to respond to […]


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