Year 2018: Working with Young People in Promoting their Agency and Voice

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The partner organizations of the Start the Change project are continuing their direct work with the STC schools in 2018 through additional training, support and supervision of teachers and youth workers.

The key focus will be on young people and supporting them to participate and implement their school and community level projects whose aim will be to make their voices about diversities, freedoms, mutual respect and acceptance, future life goals, social justice and many other topics selected by them as important visible and promoted on local, regional, national and EU level.

Young people and schools in all partner countries will have also opportunity to participate in the creative contest that invites young people to creatively share their voice, views and feelings about importance of diversity, accepting differences, expressing their identities and finding their place in the world. Young people’s stories, poems, music, drawings, photographs, videos and other creative forms will be promoted on country and EU level.

All school projects will be valuable but most creative, innovative and important ones in terms of Start the Change general aims, will be selected and published in the publication Book of Good Ideas in English language, and this will be made available for download on the project web site.

Finally, teachers and young people from all four countries will meet in Zagreb, Croatia at the final conference and exchange their experience, projects and new ideas for future collaboration. Good practices of the whole project will be presented, and key stakeholders of the project will give their contribution in sharing good practices, including the young people, teachers, youth workers and project coordinators.

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