Youngsters for Youngsters in Slovenia II

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Here are stories of our projects in four more schools participating in the project:

Youngsters at secondary vocational school Zreče within their project chose to promote a positive school climate and healthy competition. That is why they prepared a school key handover activity. “Handing over the key is an important school tradition. By doing this we make school livelier and pupils more connected”, a member of the project team stated.

The project team on secondary school Slovenska Bistrica gathered youngsters’ opinions and experiences on unequal treatment of different genders at school and on that basis they prepared a round table. Students and teachers had the opportunity to exchange their experiences, views and opinions. “This is a challenge for which we have to look for solutions together. Good communication is needed to achieve this goal. I think that we are often afraid to express our opinion out loud, but professors often need feedback from us”, said a participant of the round table.

At primary school Zreče the older pupils prepared a cooking workshop where they talked about the guidelines of a healthy diet, refreshed the knowledge of the food pyramid and prepared healthy and tasty smoothies. With this they wanted to present healthy snacks to their peers, which are not hard and complicated to prepare. The participants liked the activity and they have expressed the wish to have more workshops like this in the future. Youngsters did not hide the enthusiasm: “I did not know that you can also put spinach in a “smoothie”. I thought it would definitely taste bad, but in the end I liked it the most.”

Youth at primary school dr Jožeta Pučnika Črešnjevec offered peer-to-peer learning assistance to other pupils on the school. Success was so good that they decided to offer this type of learning aid also in the next school year. “I learned a lot. I’m not just referring to school stuff. It is true that through the learning with my peers I have deepened and restored my knowledge. I also think that it is important that our group learned to work together, especially when things were not going as planned”, one of the participants admitted.

Prepared by and photo: MCDD

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